Home security

How secure is your home?

Your home is your castle – but is it a fortress or are the ramparts down?

Home security dirty beading image

Dirty and visible beading

Whilst the picture we have chosen to show you isn’t the prettiest one ever, it shows what most of us over-look in our home exterior.

Years of ground in dirt have lifted and bulged the beading and caused a small gap (more easily seen underneath the pencil pot).

This is an open invitation to a burglar to use a wallpaper scraper or chisel to lift that beading out and remove the window pane. Without sound and in seconds – they are IN your home.

protruding hinges burglar target image

Protruding Hinges

Here we can see the hinges of the window protruding after years of being open and closed the hinges have become worn and tired and they are now showing a burglar an easy entry point to lever the window open.

If you do not have locks on the inside of your windows then an arm reached through this smaller top window and they are, once again, inside. Its as if you’d left the front door open for them.

Whilst statistically anti social behaviour and vehicle crime are high – burglary is still a problem.

This is an excerpt taken from the Neighbourhood Watch website www.ourwatch.org.uk

Home Security

Most burglaries are opportunistic, not planned, so they’re easy to prevent:

Lock up

– Deadlock doors and close and secure lockable windows if you go out or upstairs.
– Unlocked UPVC units can be sprung.
– Keep keys away from doors and windows in a place where they are not visible to anyone looking in, and don’t hide them outside.
– Get a strong door with insurance company-approved locks.
– Fit an entry viewer and/or a good door chain or door bar.
– A letterbox cage will prevent lock release or theft via the letterbox.
– Change locks in new houses so only you have keys. Don’t give keys to anyone you do not know well.
– Windows – Visible window locks may deter thieves.
– Secure easily accessible windows. Draw the curtains in the evening.

If you feel unsafe and would like more security and advice – please contact KM Windows Ltd – we are here for you and our qualified deisgners and surveyors can help you to have a safer home.

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