The downsides of single glazing

When it comes to retaining heat and keeping homes warm, single glazing in windows perform badly on two counts.

Firstly, as thermal barriers they are inefficient. The single thickness of the glass does little to stop heat escaping, resulting in the property getting cold.

Secondly, older windows may be ill-fitting, letting in drafts.

Draughts of colder air in a room can have a chilling effect on occupants, as the moving air has an effect much like ‘wind chill’. Ultimately, as the temperature of your property drops, the more energy you will use to keep your home warm.

Older style houses normally have at least one room where there is single glazing and probably no radiators too! This room can have a chilling effect on the home.

KM Windows Ltd are able to replace one window in your home if funding is an issue and we also have payment options to help you set a budget to be able to afford a home improvement such as replacement glazing. The cost of doing NOTHING in the short term can lead to high heating bills as you battle to keep your home warm.

NOW is the time to take action! Prepare for the forthcoming Winter and aim to reduce your energy bills.

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