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Difference by Design – KM Windows Ltd

Here at KM Windows Ltd we don’t just replace and fit double glazing. We do better and different than other companies, by our unique design for no extra cost!

Many of our customers return to Km Windows Ltd because we care and we are good at what we do!

Now take the house on the right of the picture. This was a full house Window replacement carried out last year. The neighbour on the left wanted windows like this but wanted her home to stand out a little and look different to her neighbour. WE SAID YES and helped her with a design that worked for her.

What did we do?

KM Windows Ltd designers suggested moving the ‘transom’ bar down (the horizontal section of the window) Dropping this deeper meant the opening sash was larger allowing more air into the home and gave the appearance of larger windows. We added a Georgian bar – an insert in between the panes of glass adding interest and character to the window sash opener and creating a feature. We also added a mullion vertical (an insert bar) creating a split in the large pane of glass and really making the two properties look different from each other.

“Just like anything of quality, its the attention to detail that makes the difference.”

What does the customer think?

Well naturally she was delighted. When Mrs Cooper bought the house she adopted someone elses windows. It was a home improvement that made her decide to stay put and not move home!  In addition she also knew that the Planitherm glass, fitted as standard in our range, ensured peace of mind knowing that her energy bills would also be reduced. Learn more about Planitherm Glass here.

What do you think?

We’d like to have your thoughts on replacement double glazing and this design choice.

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