Heat loss – by KM Windows Ltd

How warm is your home? What can you do to prevent heat loss?

By now you’ve probably started preparing for the forthcoming early Autumn and Winter. Some of you may  have already coverd up or stored away garden furniture, pruned the hedges and bushes and collected soft fruits in from the trees. Too soon it will be time to rake leaves and clear out guttering, but how much preparation have you done to keep your house warm this year and prevent heat loss?

You may have loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and a fabulous central heating system but all of that is futile if the heat in your home is leaving through the windows!

KM Windows Ltd are registered Planitherm Glass Registered Installers and our glazing technolgy is simple and effective. Using a coating of particles that are invisble to the naked eye, our glass will allow heat in, but not OUT through the special Planitherm glass thus preventing heat loss.

This is a revolutionary product and one that can actually save you a 1/3rd off your heating bill each year.

The Energy Saving Trust has some very useful information on Windows and Insulation follow their link here, and then come straight back!  http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Insulation/Windows#installing  (you won’t find us on the Competant Person register on their website as we are FENSA accredited! Just warning you in advance, please don’t be put off though. We are just being honest as there are many ‘Bodies’ that run accreditation schemes within the Glazing industry and its expensive for small business to be on ALL of them!  Please see our accrediations from our customers.

Solutions – costly or a Pain in the Glass?

You just cannot afford not to have this type of glass in your home – its as simple as that!

Without this glass it would be like putting a 2 bar electric heater outside of your home for hours and hours each day – if asked to do that you would definately tell someone they were crazy – but with normal double glazing you are doing just that! You are heating the outside too! Keep the heat you generate INSIDE your home this winter!

Why not ask us for a quotation – its free and will be valid for the next 12 months. Being a small family run business means we don’t have big overheads and expensive advertising campaigns to run, so we can work better with you, and for you. Your home improvement can be made affordable by doing it in stages.

We understand that.

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Autumn Price Fall Offer

For affordability our latest offer is not to be missed – take action now and set the wheels in motion for your home improvement, and some would also say – INVESTMENT in your biggest spend YOUR HOME. Who can afford to miss out on this.

One final thought – for every £3 in heating bill £1 is wasted on poorly insulated windows. That could add up to your car insurance paid for a year! Predications are already being made for £3,000 per year heating bills by 2020 and its just going to get colder and colder!

Call us today on 01793 714008 or visit our FREE QUOTATION PAGE – find out how much it would cost to make your home warmer, then you can work out how much you will be saving!

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