Swindon residents, Will it be a White Christmas?

KM Windows asks “Will it be a White Christmas?”

Will it snow? KM Windows Ltd

Will it be a White Christmas this year in Swindon ?  KM Windows Ltd are looking forward to a nice Christmas holiday break in preparation for serving you better in the New Year and most of all we’d love to see a sprinkling of snow just to add to the festive feel.

We found this fun little app on Metcheck and thought you’d like to try it with us to see if Swindon will be getting a White Christmas this year. Take a look by clicking on the link and try it for yourself WHITE CHRISTMAS APP. The kids (big ones and small ones) will love this.


In 2014 we will be introducing our new Conservatory Range and building on our success and reputation as Swindons’ No 1 Home Improvement specialists.

Our diary is already quite busy for the new year with customers already lined up for new window and door installations. We were interested, though, to hear the recent news about spending trends and the economy statistics for 2013. This is a quote taken from the Guardian.com website.

“Soaring energy bills have forced families to spend more than ever on heating and maintaining their homes, according to official figures that illustrate the growing squeeze on household budgets.

Weekly spending on housing costs became the biggest item of expenditure in 2012, outstripping transport for the first time as the cost of energy reached new highs.

The Office for National Statistics said a decline in disposable income since the banking crash had tightened the financial screw on the average household, which had £489 to spend in 2012, compared with £526.40 in 2006 after accounting for inflation.

Labour said the figures illustrated the cost of living crisis affecting most families. Caroline Flint, the shadow energy and climate change secretary, said: “Higher energy bills are one of the main reasons people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.”

The ONS said the harsh winters of 2011 and 2012 were also likely to have played a part in driving up energy bills.” view the full article here 

Investment in your home and reducing energy bills is more important than ever. 

The message from KM Windows Ltd Swindon has been, and always will be the same – We can help you to reduce your energy bills with our A Rated Energy Efficient glass. Call us today for more information, or take a look around the website for information on our products and service.

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