Windows and Doors in Swindon PRICE FREEZE

Truly THE BEST time to replace the windows and doors in your home, is the Springtime and KM Windows Ltd Swindon are having a PRICE FREEZE until the end of March 2014

Quality windows and doors with style and value, from this reputable family run company in Swindon, cannot come at a better price this Spring.

“Need Windows and Doors changed? – no good time, but if there was one it would be NOW!”

That’s what our newest customer has just said to the surveyor as he came to measure up, and it’s what we hear time and time again. We hardly ever wake up and think “Ah, I must get new windows and doors today!” It just doesn’t happen, says John Bolger, Branch Manager of KM Windows Ltd Swindon. Sometimes talking to a Window company can almost feel like selling your soul to the devil! The pricing is never transparent and you can never be sure if you are actually getting the right price. So why are we telling you this? Well we want you to know that the pricing cannot be price listed window by window as all homes are unique and the windows are measured, manufactured and fitted, bespoke to your home. Buying a window ‘off the shelf’ is like buying shoes without ever trying them on. – They won’t fit and instead will be packed out with spacers and filler around the sides causing draughts and gaps which is just no good.

“You get what you pay for!”

You literally do GET what you PAY FOR. Buy cheap, buy twice!  Km Windows Ltd are a small family run business with NO OVERHEADS and sub branches so they can keep costs down and pass the saving on to you whilst maintaining quality, style and value for money windows,  doors and conservatories….AND the added bonus of A rated windows –  gaining you further savings. Read more about Planitherm A rated glass here 

Visit our QUOTE page for a no obligation FREE quotation – if you’re not happy with the price, we’ll leave it there and there will be no pressured sales calls – that’s not our style. In fact we are so confident that you will be happy with our products and fitting process AND our price that you will be our customer without us even trying!

Call today on 01793 714008 of complete our online quotation form here!

Not sure? Read our testimonial from REAL customers.

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