He’s a poet and he didn’t know it!

We get lots of feedback from our customers. It’s human nature to be compelled to complain more than to complement and with all the intricacies involved in a window installation and our reliance on external suppliers, sometimes it can seem that no-one has a good thing to say – until we met Mr and Mrs Pullen! This lovely poem made us smile. Thank you to everyone for your feedback.


“We’ll be there at half past eight”

I’ll try to make this rhyme

The van backed up into our drive

Exactly right on time

“Where would you like to start”, I said

To make them feel at ease

With a cheeky grin upon their face

They said, “Two coffees please”

The old windows were soon removed

It seemed in just a trice!

The new ones fitted perfectly

My wife said, “ooh, that’s nice”

So now we’re sitting snug and warm

Not worried when the wind blows

So thank you very much to all

The team from KM Windows


AKA Wilting Baz…(Google wilting baz for more info.)

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