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Replacing Your Conservatory Roof – Why You Should Consider It.

If your conservatory is more than a few years old you should definitely pay attention to the condition of your conservatory roof.

Replacing your aging conservatory roof can deliver significant benefits, both aesthetically and in terms of saving money. If you have an old conservatory roof on your property, here are five things you should consider.

Plastic Conservatory Roof

Is your conservatory roof made of plastic? One of the first materials used for conservatory roofs was plastic and even though that has improved over the years, it still has many drawbacks. It allows the heat to escape in the winter and the suns rays to penetrate in the summer. This makes the conservatory expensive to heat in cold weather or very uncomfortable to sit in if the sun is out and it can be extremely noisy when it’s raining.

By replacing the roof with modern, thermally efficient glass, such as our Celcius conservatory roof glass range these problems are eliminated and you will certainly notice a decrease in heating bills and an increase in the amount of time you can spend in your conservatory.

Replacement Conservatory Roof KM Windows Swindon and Bristol

Does your conservatory have an old style glass roof?

Glass is one of those products that everyone tends to take for granted. Unless it physically breaks we think it will go on forever and never need replacing. This may be true but the environmental performance of glass is now vastly superior to that available even only a few years ago. Glass technology has developed so much that conservatory glass roof panels are now far more thermally efficient than ever before.

We find that many of our customers fully understand this fact when it comes to the windows in their house but have never even considered the possibility of replacing the roof on their conservatory. They always appreciate it when we point out how a new glass roof can dramatically improve the look and usability of the conservatory and save them significant cost at the same time.

Is your conservatory roof blocking out the sun?

There are two big culprits if you have noticed that your conservatory is getting darker inside. The first is dirt. Older style roofs are particularly difficult to keep clean and this build up of grime can dramatically reduce the amount of light that can get in, but often because it is a slow process you probably won’t notice, unless you look back on photos taken when the roof was new or you visit someone with a new conservatory roof. Then the contrast will be undoubtedly obvious.

By replacing your old roof with a new technology Celcius glass roof you will not only bring the brightness back to the room but as it is really easy to keep clean you can maintain it with much less effort.

Replacement Conservatory Roof with Celcius Glass from KM Windows Swindon and Bristol

Fading furniture and a horrible glare

This is a common complaint among older conservatory owners. They have a lovely outside room but are afraid to put any decent furniture in it in case it fades in the sunlight. Even worse, it may impossible to see a TV or computer screen for the glare which means the conservatory may be much less well used and enjoyed than it ought to be.

The reason for fade and glare problems is due to the fact that most old conservatory roofs were made with glass that was pretty bad at reflecting UV light. It is this UV light which causes the issues. If you are suffering with these problems then replacing your conservatory with our Celsius conservatory glass roof panels – which offer up to 94% UV protection – will certainly make a major difference to your conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Replacement from KM Windows Swindon and Bristol

Not happy with your existing conservatory?

Many people that we fit new conservatory roofs for have recently moved house and acquired the conservatory in the process. Often they are dissatisfied with the existing conservatory and want to improve it without going to the expense of completely replacing it. Maybe it doesn’t complement the look and style of the rest of the property, or maybe the style of the conservatory looks outdated or possibly there is just too much glass and it feels like sitting in a goldfish bowl or it may simply be suffering from the conditions we have already highlighted above; too hot in summer, too cold in winter, too dirty and dark, too noisy in the rain etc.

The answer in many cases is an easy one – simply replace the old conservatory roof with a lightweight tiled conservatory roof. Our ultraRoof 380 is the latest in lightweight tiled roof technology and will bring life back to an older conservatory and provide a delightfully shaded fully useable and attractively stylish extension room.

We hope you have found this article helpful and that they have made you take another look at your aging conservatory roof. If they have, why not contact us for a genuine, ‘no pressure’ chat. One of our experienced consultants will be happy to visit you to understand your concerns and objectives and explain the options available for replacing your existing conservatory roof with one that will make the space an asset to your home, reduce your heating costs and make the conservatory an enjoyable place to spend quality time in.

Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof from KM Windows Swindon and Bristol

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