Replacement External Doors

Does your front door make you feel proud? Are you happy with the style of your back door? Do your external doors give you the safety and security you want?


An external door is much more than an entrance to your home, it can often create the first impression of who you are and what the person standing before it will find when they cross the threshold and go inside. There are of course practical reasons for replacing external doors and for most home owners there are several doors around the property that they may consider updating.

Here we take you through the various types of door available and why replacing them can add value or practicality to your home.


Let’s start with the most obvious – The Front Door


The front door helps create the first impression of your home and therefore of you, as it has what is often termed ‘kerb appeal’. This is especially important when selling a property as it is often said that a buyer will make up their mind about a property before they have even stepped inside.


These days, front doors come in a wonderful range of designs and finishes. Most popular by far are those in a traditional style often panelled and with leaded light inserts that can be anything from a small fanlight to large coloured panels that let in plenty of light. Whatever appeals to you, choose a door style that harmonises with the architecture of your home.


The composite front door can now bring a splash of colour to the front elevation and blends beautifully with both traditional and modern house designs, adding vitality, elegance and energy to the entrance. The clean white PVCu door still remains a highly popular choice on more modern properties, especially when it has attractive glazed panels also the recent trend for more muted greys and greens made so popular by the Farrow and Ball paint company has become a feature of more rural country houses.

External Doors Security

New technologies have made updated exterior doors significantly more secure than their older counterparts, particularly wooden ones. Modern doors incorporate much more sophisticated locking mechanisms and can be supplied with wide angle spy holes to let you see who is standing on the other side of the door before you open it. Simply upgrading your front door can mean that you have significantly upgraded your home security.


Extra Insulation

New doors should provide you with much better insulation capabilities than old wooden doors, which allows them to hold heat in during winter and keep it out during summer. Even the glass panels now provide excellent insulation qualities, so replacing your front door will help improve the overall insulation of your home and reduce those ever rising energy costs.

Tilt and turnDurablility for longevity

A front door has to take a lot of harsh treatment; from the weather, being pushed and bashed open and pulled shut, shopping and other items being banged into it and after all that we still want our external doors to look in pristine condition. In the ‘old days’ that generally required the use of a brush and a tin of paint or varnish applied at regular intervals and the occasional use of a plane to stop it rubbing on the frame. Modern doors however are built to last and stay looking good for much longer they should never warp out of shape because of the way they are made.


Now let’s take a look at The Back Door


This is usually ‘for your eyes only’ and therefore the external appearance is not so critical although adding a bit of colour with a composite door will set the garden off nicely. However as it is often the exit from a kitchen or utility room, letting in plenty of light can be really important while not compromising on security.


A quality uPVC back door with a good sized glazed panel, possibly frosted to stop prying eyes, is the perfect answer.


A replacement back door will have all of the security, durability and insulation properties of a new front door and can bring benefits for many years to come.

The final external door that you may consider replacing is The Patio Door.


The patio door will typically lead off one of the main rooms in the house – or the conservatory – into the garden and as a result it is likely to be one of the most viewed internal doors in the house and one which, certainly in the summer months, will be well used.


Fortunately these days you are spoilt for choice. There are glass sliding doors that let in the maximum amount of light or the increasingly popular bi-fold door that not only lets in the light but opens up fully to let in soothing breezes from the garden too.

For the traditionalist, and traditional properties too, there are a huge variety of French door designs which are more of a full length opening window than a door.


What you choose for your door to the garden really depends on you own preference, the style of your home and the width of space the door will occupy.


If you are thinking about replacing any of your external doors at KM Windows we are here to help you make the right choice, one that meets your budget and adds value and quality to your home. See our extensive range of external doors and porches and don’t forget our Free External Door Quotation Service. Click this link to go to our handy enquiry form or simply call us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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