Top 3 reasons to add a Conservatory to your Home

As a supplier of quality conservatories we will always consult carefully with our prospective customers to fully understand what they are looking to achieve by investing in a new conservatory for their home. It is so important to understand what the conservatory will be used for as this will help us to design and deliver the best possible conservatory to meet their needs and expectations not just for the present but well into the future.

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A conservatory offers extra living space

One of the main reasons why our customers are investing in a new conservatory is to gain additional living space. With the price of houses at record levels, many homeowners simply cannot afford to move to a larger property even though they might have outgrown their current space, especially for everyday living.

A conservatory can be the perfect answer for most homeowners who really want to have an extra living area for family use. Conservatories are highly flexible spaces and are commonly used as an extension to the main living room or to provide that extra space, somewhere to get away from the TV or the rest of the family maybe – just for a while of course.

Conservatories are also often used as a dining room – particularly useful if your property does not already have one – or as a family room, a work from home office or kiddies playroom. Believe it or not some are even used as they were originally intended to be used – as garden room – connecting the house to the garden space.

A modern conservatory offers Outdoor living all year round

Many of our conservatory customers really enjoy relaxing in their gardens, but our wonderfully unpredictable British weather often scuppers plans to spend the day outside. Having a conservatory allows you to still enjoy your garden but from the shelter and comfort of an indoor environment. This outdoor feeling can be enhanced by the use of full height, easy clean, condensation free glass panels as in this example.

The light and airy atmosphere created by a conservatory allows you to enjoy the effect of outdoors inside your home. The highly engineered glass that we use in our conservatories also allows you to make use of this wonderful space all year round. Long gone are the days when conservatories were only useable a few days a year – too hot in the summer too cold in the winter! Our conservatories use the latest in glass design technology to ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory whatever the time of year and whatever the weather. Learn more about our special conservatory glass here.

A new conservatory will add extra value to your home

It is interesting that most of our customers don’t have this at the top of their minds when they make a decision to go for a new conservatory. They are much more interested in what the conservatory will deliver to them while they are living there.

That said it is important to bear in mind that a well-designed, high quality and properly constructed conservatory will add value to your property.  The house expert Phil Spencer confirms that a quality conservatory will add around 7% to the value of a property. That can be a pretty significant amount – on a £250,000 property 7% is £17,500.

A conservatory always makes a house seem larger and because they offer such a flexible space, the house buyer will typically visualise all manner of different uses they can put it to, even before they move in!

wiltshire upvc conservatoriesWith this in mind, investing in a new conservatory makes great sense – not only will you enjoy all the real benefits of the extra living space (without all the cost and disruption of having a full blown extension) but you will also be adding a significant amount of cash onto the value of your property.

So if you take that 7% of future value off the cost of your new conservatory then you can enjoy all the benefits that a new conservatory will deliver at a very discounted cost!

It can cost less than you think

At KM Windows our conservatories come in all shapes, styles and sizes and can therefore be delivered within a wide range of budgets. As we said earlier we will discuss with you in detail what you want to achieve and that will enable us to plan the perfect conservatory design for you.

We understand that not everyone has a budget stretching to tens of thousands of pounds so we will design the conservatory to best meet your needs within the budget available.

Finally, one last point about adding a conservatory to your home. Many homeowners choose to have an extension rather than a conservatory because they want a more substantial structure with brick built walls which can accommodate cupboards and shelves etc. For these reasons they may think a conservatory is unsuitable for them. However there is an increasingly popular alternative here – and that is to go for an Orangery.

If, like many people, you are unsure of the difference between and Orangery and a Conservatory take a look at one of our previous blog posts; Orangery vs Conservatory

And now for the salesy bit…If you are considering adding a conservatory to your home, take a look at our Conservatories or Contemporary Orangeries pages for more information. Better still why not contact us and let one of our expertly trained and highly experienced designers come and discuss your requirements and prepare you a free, no obligation quotation.  We are here to help.

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