Doors & Porches

logo-large-pinReplacement windows – you need to make sure you get it right – at KM Windows we only install the very best A Rated Energy Efficient Planitherm windows into your home. Find out more about Planitherm by following this link  ‘Planitherm information‘ –  We’ll be here when you get back!

Did you know that by upgrading to our A Rated Planitherm windows you could save a massive 28% on your heating bills each and every year!

Its advanced coating technology reflects radiated heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time, it allows free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass.

The result? A Lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient homes thanks to the advanced thermal insulation of our A Rated glass which is 3 times more efficient than single glazed units and at least 25% more efficient than most currently installed double glazing.

Why Choose KM Windows?

By choosing KM Windows not only will you receive the best customer service but by using the industry heading profile REHAU and the worlds best Planitherm glass you will have excellent thermal rating, reduced noise pollution and little to no maintenance needed – At an affordable price!

We only use the industry leading REHAU profiles to manufacture all of our systems. The systems offer exceptional quality in terms of both appearance and performance.The REHAU profile offers much more than just exceptional performance but superb aesthetics. The smooth sight lines and perfectly cut angles give the profile a beautiful and professional finished touch.