EPDM Roofing – Flat Roof Replacement -10 year Guarantee

Permaroof fitting
permaroof fitting

EPDM Rubber roofing is an ideal long term flat roof replacement solution for any existing flat felt roof that leaks or is in a bad state of repair. It is also an excellent choice for any new build extension as it will ensure very low maintenance and deliver a long term lifespan.

Problems with flat felt roofs

  • Moss! There are many common problems that impact flat roofs and moss is right up at the top of the list. Moss can become a serious problem  because it retains water, causing puddles and pooling to occur and puddles on a flat roof are not a good combination.
  • Wear and Tear from the Elements – over time the standard felt covering on your flat roof is degraded by the elements. Sunshine, rain, ice, wind will all progressively take their toll.

What is the answer?

If your roof is relatively new and has been properly installed then regular cleaning will help to prolong its life. But – if it is too far gone then you need to consider replacement to avoid longer term structural issues developing.

If a new flat roof covering is required then we have an excellent solution. Our rubber cover membranes offer unmatched resistance to weathering be it from ozone, UV radiation and high or low temperatures.

EPDM is fitted as a single piece roof covering, so no joins or seams means less opportunity for water to penetrate.

No flame is required during installation as the membrane is always fully adhered to the substrate using a cold adhesive.

With a long 50 year life expectancy (which will outlast most flat roof structures) and a 10 year guarantee you can buy EPDM Rubber roofing with complete peace of mind.

If you think you need to replace your flat felt roof soon, simply contact us and we will be delighted to advise and assist you. We are ready to help – just call us!